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           New Dress Prints for Summer Fun!

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         New arrivals in summer fashion - light

                        and loose knits in bold solid colors                                                  and crazy beach stripes.

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   Solid color summer knits starting at $9.95 - at Mitchell Fabrics.

    " Havana " knits and others in bright summer colors.                          Starting at $9.95 meter.





                Fine suitings from the finest mills -

                    'British Woollens', 'Fiorentino',

                          'Gianini' and 'Lancetti'...

                        Wools, silk/wool blends, poly/wools,

                        cashmere, worsted, flannels, serge..

                        top quality and a wide range of styles.




              British Woollens 100% wool Cashmere

                  Brown, Navy and Black - $225 m


                                    Seasonal Suitings for Women and Men, at Mitchell Fabrics - click to enlarge                    click to enlarge Suitings at Mitchell Fabrics

                  More Suitings - Men's and Ladies



   Charmeuse Silk dress prints.


                     Fine quality Chinese dress silk, at Mitchell Fabrics, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada       The finest silks anywhere, at Mitchell Fabrics, Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada       Striking design in dress silks, at Mitchell Fabrics, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

                                   Charmeuse 10                       Charmeuse 8                       Charmeuse 2

                      Contemporary dress silks at Mitchell Fabrics, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada        Exclusively at Mitchell Fabrics, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

                                      Charmeuse 3                         Charmeuse 4



Dupioni Silk Embroidery


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Kirov Silk Embroidery

                                        Embroidered Silks at Mitchell Fabrics - click to enlarge


Faux Furs

    Fox, Wolf, Deer, Mink, Raccoon, Rabbit.. the Faux Fur selection at Mitcjhell Fabrics, Winnipeg, Canada       Faux Fur makes exciting Bridal Accessories - from Mitchell Fabrics, Winnipeg, Canada  

A selection of luxurious synthetic furs from

the finest coat-makers. Must be seen...and touched !!

       ' Feather ' Faux Fur at Mitchell Fabrics      ' Fox ' faux fur at Mitchell fabrics




                    Canadian Tartans at Mitchell Fabrics, Winnipeg, Canada


               Black Watch                                 Royal Stewart

           100% wool - $79.50 meter                     70% poly 30% wool - $61.50 m

                                                                                                                     SOLD OUT



                                         Polar Fleece, Plain & Printed




Dress Knits

        One example of many knits at Mitchell Fabrics


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